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Jan 31, 2013 6:00am PST
who have challenged his pass comments on israel, he rhine and nuclear weapons. --iran the farmers to term senator from nebraska is the lone witness at a senate arms services committee hearing today that could be crucial in determining whether he will win senate confirmation to succeed defense secretary leon panetta. if confirmed hegel who is a decorated vietnam combat veteran will be the first enlisted man and first vietnam veteran to serve as defense secretary. >> e police in phoenix are looking for a 70 year-old man they say is armed and dangerous following an office complex shooting that left one person dead and two others wounded. our third douglas harman is a key as a walking into a law office and shooting three people. police say it was not a random shooting. cordite is a harmacourt documents say harm was supposed to attend a summit and a lawsuit he filed last april. >> will we are on the field we actually do o >> announcer: meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor. and she might have, if not for kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security
Jan 16, 2013 4:00am PST
chuck hagel could be anti- israel. boxer expressed her support of hagel after receiving a letter from him in which he insisted that he supports president obama is a foreign policy positions. in the letter, hagel expressed regret for using the term " jewish lobby " to describe pro-is through groups, calling it a " very poor choice of words. " >> we will be right back. >> welcome back. two people were killed when a helicopter crashed dorm rush hour this morning in central london. according say that the helicopter apparently crash after hitting a construction crane on the top of a building. accident happened just out of the thames river near the " underground " and a " main >> train station old. firefighters were able to extinguish the flames quickly. several rows remain closed as emergency crews work on the same period >> the national rifle association is seeing what it calls and on a precedent spike in membership over the last month. an estimated 250,000 people have joined the organization. a spokesman says said the surge in membership came immediately after the sandy hook elementary s
Jan 7, 2013 4:00am PST
. >> chuck a san jose family is lucknot one should directly negotiate with kron that israel must negotiate withhamas a terrorist group. he was also one of 12 senators to refuse to sign a letter with the european union to designate has a lot as a terrorist organization. >> the question we will be entering is do his views make sense for that particular job. i think he should be giving a fair hearing like any other nominee. >> some lawmakers to not think he is right for the job. --do think his life of up--his views on national security could cause problems during the confirmation hearing. he opposed the trtroop surges in a rock and iran as called for the sense cut spending. >> but us give you a quick look outside at the golden gate bridge. traffic on the 101 on the light side. you may notice fog. erica will be up in a couple of minutes with a full look at your weather and traffic. we will be right back. >> the morning. walk bacelcome back. >> erica has a look at our forecast. the fog you instant is inland. >> as we take a look at your day planner sunny conditions decrease in cloud cover as we
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3